6:23am  Train.  Coffee.  This morning is already pretty challenging .  I went to bed late and woke up over an hour before my 5:30am alarm went off and never fell back asleep.  Mornings like this I have already learned the only battle is getting out of bed and getting moving.  Once I arrive in […]

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     6:25am  On the train.  Sitting down and immediately the laptop opens.  I have a some Jquery material to get through still.  For some reason I am finding the syntax challenging.  What I am largely trying to walk away with though is at least the concept of it for revisiting it later.  I’m making […]

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     6:20am On the train and digging into work immediately.  My friend and I that are commuting together have found a really good balance between talking and sharing ideas while also having fun.  We chat a little bit on the the short car ride to the train depot and while we are waiting but once we […]

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     7:24am My friend and I chose to sleep in today since there was a chance that our school wasn’t going to be open due to snow.  It felt good to sleep in but I just feel like I have a ton to do.  We are just barley scratching the surface with JavaScript and […]

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     6:46am  Short and sweet.  Good morning world.  Prepping for my first exam today on the way to class.  The Sounder is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  I rested well last night because I feel prepared for the exam.  I did all of the extra assignments that were available for us.  I’m really […]

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6:52am Trying something different today.  My friend and I are taking the Sounder (commuter train) rather than the bus.  Holy smokes I feel like a king.  We have a whole work area, tables, wifi, and a bathroom. Wow. I am floored.  Glad we took it too because today we need to hone in on some […]

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6:40am On the bus and feeling energized for the day despite not getting a ton of sleep.  It was very cold again today.  Lots of ice on the car on the morning.  Gloves.  Hats.  Thankful for hot coffee. Using public transportation has turned out to actually be really cool.  You gain a lot of perspective on the world. […]

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