6:41am Boy does this feel like deja-vu already.  5:55 alarm.  Out the door by 6:05.  30 degrees, crazy ice today.   On the bus by 6:30.  Here are a couple morning thoughts for you.   A) I can already tell this is going to take extreme perseverance, but in a good way. It’s going to […]

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6:46am – It is cold.  It is raining.  But, we just boarded the bus heading towards Bellevue.  My initial intent was to carpool with a friend to get up there but we decided on public transportation for two reasons.  A) It is cheaper, and B) It gives us time to sleep and code. Every minute […]

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Well, the learning website content opened up today.  I am beyond tempted to open it up and jump in and start learning.  My colleague and I that are attending Coding Dojo together sort of mutually agreed that it would be best for us to stay away from computers this weekend because Lord knows we’ll have […]

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Into the unknown. Here I go. It is 4 days until I start my journey at the Coding Dojo. My last day at Apple was February 15th. I have been with the company for almost 7 years. It felt almost surreal to walk out of the front doors knowing that I will never work for Apple Retail again…

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