6:23am  Train.  Coffee.  This morning is already pretty challenging .  I went to bed late and woke up over an hour before my 5:30am alarm went off and never fell back asleep.  Mornings like this I have already learned the only battle is getting out of bed and getting moving.  Once I arrive in Seattle and start walking around I get in the zone and the energy comes.  I’m looking forward to today.  It is the end of our Web Fundamentals course and kind of just a project day.  We also have the opportunity to go upstairs and see all the the graduates present some of their projects that they have created in their time at the Dojo.  Here we go, another day!

I had the opportunity to build a some fun API and Jquery based projects today.  I love that the atmosphere at the Dojo is fun and light hearted.  Our main project was building a Pokidex.  We used a for loop to load dynamic content into a container.  It was 150 images of Pokemon.  The API and file structure was set up for us to be able to that.  Afterwards, we jumped into some Jquery.  Specifically we were wrapping our minds around ‘.get’ and ‘.on’.  These allow us to work with dynamic content.  After the images loaded onto our page, by clicking on them we needed to use ‘.html.’ and ‘.append’ to access the same for loop variable to access the objects assigned to each Pokemon.  The AJAX request would access the API and load specific information about the Pokemon like name, height, weight, and special abilities.  It was really challenging but really fun. It is all still solidifying.

Projects were encouraging to see.  There were some really cool and creative ideas.  One thing that peaked my interest was working Alexa API’s and building Skills for her.  They can be created in Python but apparently there is a special version of Flask (Python library) that is a little more optimized for that sort of work.  In four weeks hypothetically I will be able to jump into that.  Time to make a dad joke skill.  Or, a car fact skill would be kind of cool and fun.  My realization was just how far we still have to go.  Even though we are already done with 2 weeks it is humbling to see what we can potentially be capable of in just a few months of dedication. You have an idea?  Lets code together.  I got CSS on lock.

     6:37pm On the train home.  The advice that they gave us for the weekend was to unplug and take some time to just relax because Python and this next stack is a mouthful.  There is so much that I still want to learn and a ton of optional content to go to on the learning platform so we’ll see what decision I’ll make.  Maybe just a few hours.  I feel anxious but excited.  I am so thankful for my friend.  We reflect everyday.  Today we are thinking of what we want to do differently with this next stack.  We can always to better.  We can always learn something from anything.  Its just how you choose to dissect it.  We are thinking of mixing up seats to strengthen relationships with the entire class.  We are creating a best practice thread in Slack for people to share tips.  And, I’m thinking up an idea on how we can all actionably be supporting each other on LinkedIn with endorsements and networking.  It all feels good

Closing thought is a tough one to talk through but I hope it makes sense.  There are things in the world that are created to bring us joy.  Music.  Food.  Shows.  Movies.  YouTube.  Walks outside.  Beer.  If you feel bored by these things I think it might be high time to start tracking how you spend your time.  My life has been revolving around coding so much that I haven’t had time for anything.  For the first time in years, when I put on a song I smile.  When I drink a beer its because I earned it.  If I watch an episode of Parks and recreation its because I hustled hard all day and created the time to relax and enjoy a show.  I hope this doesn’t come across as harsh or like I’m in a better place, because trust me,  I’m not.  What I guess I’m feeling for the first time really is that you work hard to play hard.   My generation wants the cake and to eat it too.  We want it all.  We expect it.  If you are bored, start dreaming about what you might be capable of.  Poke your head into the clouds and sacrifice your time for something.  Go after that skill you’ve always wanted.  You have always been capable.  You have always had it in you.  Perhaps it is just dormant inside of you like so many of us are.  Have a great weekend.  Now go do something new!  I’m just going to hang out in the eye of the storm until Python on Monday.



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