6:25am  On the train.  Sitting down and immediately the laptop opens.  I have a some Jquery material to get through still.  For some reason I am finding the syntax challenging.  What I am largely trying to walk away with though is at least the concept of it for revisiting it later.  I’m making an executive decision to day to only focus on this for a couple minutes though and then I’m jumping into algorithms.  We have a foundational book to read and I feel like our class keeps putting it off but it is really informative.

So, I can guarantee you this will not be the last time that I say this on this blog, but, time flies when you are in a bootcamp.  We are already wrapping up week two.  It is mind blowing to think that on Monday I will be jumping into Python, Flask and Django.  I am so excited and curious to learn an entirely new language and an entirely new development environment.  I’ve had some time to connect with folks that are in the Python stack right now.  Unanimously they all said that next week is going to be the hardest week that we will have.  And I quote:

“Thus far you have been bottle fed information, be prepared to have a tap hose put in your mouth.”

Hmm, very encouraging ha.  Most have also stated that the amount of material is entirely unrealistic and that you should feel ok if you are behind because the whole class will be behind.  While you may not be able to finish every project what matters is that you walk away with concepts.  Something that I had not realized though that I am very excited for is that at the end of every stack we have an entire week to build projects (or retake your belt exam you do not pass).  Words can not describe how excited I am to have an opportunity to build and create.  It builds knowledge to re-create other peoples sites but I want to make my own.  In a sense I can already create very simple Web Apps which is pretty cool to think about!  Its a whole new world to platy with.  I need to start planning and engineering some project ideas.  The more you learn, the more you realize just how much is involved in building the entire picture.  So many details.  So many challenges.  So many puzzles.

As a slight check in and reminder for those of you thinking of going to a bootcamp I will remind you to network.  My LinkedIn network has already doubled in size and shows no signs of stopping.  Continue to put yourself out there. The more you build the habits of talking to and approaching people now, the easier it will be when you are actually job hunting.  That, and you will have a network to lean into to help you out.  Blog.  YouTube.  Network.

Closing thought.  Not my usual perspective but rather a short little poem I wrote with my sister in mind who is pregnant.  Felt good to be creative for a bit.  Catch you later.

For you.

Bubble belly
Bubbling with joy and fear
We all hear you
In summer you will hold your new love
Each kick tickles your insides
Inside your womb she blooms
You saw her heartbeat
Fluttering, you swoon
She is to be
Each part of her is growing like a tree
Unfurling and bringing us the sun with each tiny tiny fistful of dreams
You dream of her and what she will do





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