6:20am On the train and digging into work immediately.  My friend and I that are commuting together have found a really good balance between talking and sharing ideas while also having fun.  We chat a little bit on the the short car ride to the train depot and while we are waiting but once we are on the train it is a simple unstated GO-TIME.  I spent the morning reading through a book on algorithms.  We are beginning to wrap our mind around object oriented programming.  Holy Smokes.  For those of you unfamiliar with programming it is basically the movie ‘Inception’.  You just keep going deep and deeper.  Data keeps getting nested deeper and deeper.

     Lo’ and behold our first algorithm challenge today had an object in it.  It was requiring us to remove duplicates from arrays nested inside of the object.  We could not create a new array and could only use one ‘for loop’ to iterate through our arrays in the object.  We also needed to have it be pretty bullet proof and test for only numbers only, no strings, no booleans, no other data types.  Wow.  It really challenges you to step back and think.  It really challenges you to plan out your angle of attack.  Our group today was tight.  And I mean that quite literally.  We were sharp, communicated well, and created a really safe space to share ideas and try things.  This was especially satisfying because part of the burden that I felt on my shoulders entering the bootcamp was making sure that we, as a team and as individuals were creating a culture of openness and ingenuity.  Only one group was able to solve the challenge.  We were not that group but I feel we were very productive with our time together and I feel like I learned a lot.  All the ingredients are in the crockpot it is just simmering  

      I feel that I am still figuring out how I learn best.  information is coming at you so fast  that it is difficult to even find time to write it down, much less grasp it.  What is really interesting is that I typically like to think that I have a pretty photographic memory.  While I was falling asleep last night I was thinking through some things that I couldn’t solve, but in my mind, in my deep deep subconscious mind I was teaching myself visually how to solve things.  It was really weird.  So as I was falling asleep I started really trying to recap and think about everything learned.  I was really surprised by how much I taught myself in my own mind.  Again, I cannot stress the importance of reflection enough.  Besides that, humans learn by doing.  I have always learned by doing.  I am thankful for that is what we do here.  We dug into more Jquery and API’s.  Most of our projects today were centered around making elements on a simple page disappear and reappear.  Making text inputs reflect in the DOM.  Lots of appending.  Lots of learning.  I am just a project or two behind and I can almost taste what it feel like to be caught up.  The weekend will be busy but rewarding.  I want a fresh start and a guilt free conscious because we start our first full stack, Python on Monday.

     6:57pm We had someone really awesome visit us of our Tech Talk today. He was a Coding Dojo Alumni and has actually started a non-profit coding bootcamp called Floodgate Academy for the underprivileged and overlooked.  My heart soared because I had not even thought about career fields like that. His passion for people and the industry was fire.  His presence enveloped the room.  He shared couple other ideas.  Coding knowledge could help you with not just coding, but project management, instructing, and technical writing.  Very eye opening.  The other thing he shared was about potential fresh portfolio material.  I have always defaulted to a couple really strong pages that I have designed and built from the ground up.  What about APIs?  What about Bots?  What about SDKs?  What about machine learning.  So many ideas started popping into my head.  Now its time to start brainstorming and buckling down on some project ideas.  Maybe a plug-in for Atom?  My thought for the day: Failure is not as bad as we make it out to be.  Do you really mean to tell me that because you challenged yourself, because you had the bravery to step out onto a ledge, because you ventured into the unknown, because you had the courage to try something that you have never done before and failed that you are going to count it as a loss?  I am very fiscally responsible so I equate a lot of things to simple financial math like bank account.  With the above statement there there were four ways that you grew (challenging yourself, bravery, learning, courage) and only one way that could negatively impact you (failing) depending on how you choose to react.  Those are good odds. Remind yourself of those positive impact of choices you make to learn and understand.  Continue to grow.



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