7:24am My friend and I chose to sleep in today since there was a chance that our school wasn’t going to be open due to snow.  It felt good to sleep in but I just feel like I have a ton to do.  We are just barley scratching the surface with JavaScript and we are already moving on to JQuery.  What I am seeing in the Web Fundamentals part of the bootcamp we are mainly just gaining a really high overview.  This week we still cover Ajax, API’s, Jquery and Responsive web design.  Wow.  I’m definitely going to have homework over the weekend.  No biggie, all part of the process and I’m learning so much.

Today was a blur.  This was the first day that I realized the pace that we are covering the material at.  We spent one day on JavaScript.  One day.  The curriculum is really lean but focused.  I have the foresight to see where I will need to zoom in after the bootcamp.  We are getting equipped though. That I am confident about. Coding Dojos goal is to produce self sufficient developers.  I feel like they are holding to their motto.

The lecture was on Jquery and API’s.  It is feeling really good.  I can really see the value of Jquery even after only spending a little bit of time in JavaScript.  It is powerful and makes it easy for me to accomplish otherwise complicated and time intensive tasks.  This is the first library that we are tapping into and my eyes were really opened to how simple it can be to utilize these.

I also had a chance to talk a little with our instructor about how he ended up in a training position instead of in the dev world.  For him, his passion is definitely coding but he is far too in love with sharing light bulb moments with students to just sit in an office.  Something for me to think on.

    6:32pm On the train ride home already.  I have a lot to do tonight but love the fact that I’ll be home to eat dinner at home and shower.  The sacrifice of losing time at the Dojo has always proven to be worth it.  We’ll see if that changes.  Still feel like I’ll spend the night there at some point.  My thought for the day:  Perfect things are sterile.  Perfect things can be replicated.  Don’t be someone else.  Character, is what makes you unique.  Imperfection is genuine.  No matter how beat up you or your life feels I would bet money that we all have similar stories in our closets.  Its just whether we choose to share them and connect on a deeper level with those around us.




2 thoughts on “JQuery()

  1. Hello my name is Smita Hyde. I am also doing a bootcamp. I am going to learn java. Before I start my bootcamp what do you recommend I do to learn the basics?Can you give me a website that will help to learn the basics. Here is my email Smitahyde@gmail.com. Thank you for your video. Best of luck in the future.


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