6:46am  Short and sweet.  Good morning world.  Prepping for my first exam today on the way to class.  The Sounder is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  I rested well last night because I feel prepared for the exam.  I did all of the extra assignments that were available for us.  I’m really thankful that they give extra work to continue your learning!  I love knowing that there is always more to reach for.

     Wow, today was a roller coaster.  Here is the recap.  We started off the day right away with taking what they call the Yellow Belt exam.  Basically it is an aptitude test to make sure that all of the concepts from Web Fundamentals are sticking before we move into JavaScript.  The exam was pretty straight forward.  We recreated a bible concordance website.  It was pretty straight forward.  One of the coolest things though is seeing the way that my workflow has changed in even just a week.  Even though we were timed I did not jump right in to coding.  I took a couple minutes to just sketch out all of the containers on the page, decide where I was going to create certain elements and divs, and actually  got a solid concept for how I would actually engineer the page before I even wrote a single line of code. It was really eye opening.  So much has changed in so little time.  Most of the layout was pretty straight forward though.  There were a couple tricky things that they threw in that most people didn’t have time to work on but I did because I finished the layout early.  Things like adding a magnifying glass to a search bar, adding white slashes between

  • elements, and adding a title as well as the little “>>” to the end of a button.  All things that seem easy but upon further inspection can be a little tricky.  I am really floored with how much I have learned in the first week.  Repetition has been key.  Rather than pigeon holing myself into one singular personal project that I would make on my own I have been forced to replicate other peoples work.  This has challenged my thinking and design process.  For the first time ever, when I refresh a page I am expecting an outcome, and it happens.  Feels good.


     However it should be noted that confidence can sometimes be short lived.  Immediately following our exam, after a 30 min lunch we jumped right into JavaScript.  Holy cow, the unknown.  It feels weird.  Stress.  Exhilaration.  Knowing so little that you don’t even know what questions to ask.  This is our first step into the unknown as I had some prior CSS and HTML knowledge.  Thankfully we have been working on algorithms every day and most of the project logic is based off of simple ‘for’ loops.  It feels crazy.  I am making programs.  I get that they are basic, but there was a time tonight that I actually said out loud: 

“It is easier to write a program to figure out this math than to do it on a calculator.”

Those are pretty powerful words to say out loud and mean.  Here is a simple example. 

     There is an old tale about a king who offered a servant $10,000 as a reward. The servant instead asked that for 30 days he be given an amount that would double, starting with a penny.  Write a for loop the that figures out how much money the servant would make after 30 days.

      var money = 0.01;

      for (var i = 1; i  <=  30; i++){

        money = money * 2; {


        console.log(“The servant made $”, money, “on day”, i);


     Take a guess.  How much do you think the servant made after 30 days?  The servant made $ 10737418.24 on day 30.  Wow can I write a ‘for’ loop for my own personal finances!

     9:00pm  Heading home on the bus.  Tons of snow today in Bellevue.  Overturned trucks on the highway. Our normal 20 minute bus ride from Bellevue to Seattle took 2 hours.  We ended up stopping for a pint and some food at Elysian Fields to unwind and talk some code.  It was a wise decision.  I can not stress how important down time is and rewarding your self and catching your breath during this busy time.  Laughing.  Good beer.  Joy.  Reset.  now a bus ride home and I’m ready for tomorrow.  Tomorrow we are finishing out JavaScript and moving into JQuery.  I’m going to shut down my computer for a couple minutes now.  Remember to stay positive.  Remember that you are loved deeply.  Remember to not let the day bring you down.  You are stronger than that.  You are too wise and too resilient to let silly things snuff out your joy.



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