6:52am Trying something different today.  My friend and I are taking the Sounder (commuter train) rather than the bus.  Holy smokes I feel like a king.  We have a whole work area, tables, wifi, and a bathroom. Wow. I am floored.  Glad we took it too because today we need to hone in on some basic algorithms.  Handwriting everything helps me solidify ideas. We’re taking a little quiz today to test if we’re grasping concepts and I want to be prepared.
Our main focus today was more CSS.  I still need to catch up and finish my Python duplicate website from yesterday and then we have more a few more websites we’ll be duplicating.  I feel confident.  I’m trying to remind myself that I still haven’t found a rhythm to the day yet.  One morning I got there at 8:00am, one morning at 8:30am and today almost 9:00am.  How do I get there?  590 Express straight to the International District?  550 to Bellevue?  Sounder to King Street Station?  567 from Bellevue to Kent?  210 Sounder to Tacoma?  Drive?  Park at Bellevue Park and Ride and catch the 520?  On top of that, every day, and every time of day has different variables.  If I take the 590 home around 6:00pm there is standing room only, but if i wait until 8:00pm I wont walk in my front door until 10:00pm.  Wow.  So much to learn.  My reflection at the end of week one is that most of my stress has come from commuting.  Finding a rhythm.  You are so busy with projects that anytime you spend not learning, or not working on stuff you feel like is a waste.  I’m trying to relax a little.  The experience I am gaining navigating the city is invaluable.  Communiting with all these people who work in the field I want to get into feels kind of electric too.  There was a moment in Seattle where there was like 200 plus people at a cross walk, mostly professionals, and it just felt cool to be a working part of a city bustle.  I don’t know, maybe I’m weird haha.

Algorithm test I failed on by 1/2 point.  Just a simple syntax error that I missed in the rush of writing everything out.  No big deal.  Take it in strides and move on.  In case you’re curious here is how you push an array index to the left and add a zero to the end.

function pushArrValuesLeftAddZero(arr){
for(var i = 0; i < arr.length – 1; i++){
arr[i] = arr[i + 1];
arr[arr.length – 1] = 0;

So, ya.  Thats the basics.  I’m just going to go write a program really quick now.

3:57pm  Cut out super early today. I am on the Sounder headed home.  I have a lot of work to do but I have all weekend.  I get the concepts and now it is just going to feel good to be home.  To be in sweatpants.  To be at my workstation with my studio monitors.  Maybe a good IPA too.  I’ve earned it.  In the coming weeks the Coding Dojo will become my home.  Thats it until Monday folks.  Thanks for reading.  Rest up.  Drink up.  Be inspired.



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