6:40am On the bus and feeling energized for the day despite not getting a ton of sleep.  It was very cold again today.  Lots of ice on the car on the morning.  Gloves.  Hats.  Thankful for hot coffee. Using public transportation has turned out to actually be really cool.  You gain a lot of perspective on the world.  I of course do not mean that in a negative way, but merely that you get to see a lot more of the world when you don’t have to pay attention to driving.  Gas. Brake.  I am always happy and thankful to gain perspective.

Our workload today was heavy.  We are expected to create several full web pages based off of images.  That my sound simple but it really is incredibly challenging.  You have to start to think like a designer.  How do you want to engineer a page?  Its all in your hands after all.  The other detail is that we were only allowed to use specific display properties.  Inline and Inline-Block were our main tools.  What I really appreciated is just how much this is helping me being to conceptualize the DOM (Document Object Model).  Good stuff.

One detail that I wanted to make sure to share was a decision that I made today that I believe had a really cool outcome.  Every other Thursday they try to round up the entire campus to go to a park a couple blocks away to play sports.  I have never played sports and must admit I thought it seemed silly.  My first though was to just keep grinding.  But, hey, this season of life is all about turning over new leafs right?  I decide to go for it.  What I was met with was more joy than I could image. The walk over to the park takes about 15 minutes and allowed me to connect with a few new people and deepen a few other budding relationships.  Once at the park, competitive spirits soared and laughter and cheers echoed.  We played 5 on 5 street ball.  Our cohort verses another cohort.  Some of us in dress shoes, some of us in sweats.  Most of us out of shape.  We played hard.  It reminded me just how important people and relationships are.  It reminded me that sometimes to break through personal barriers you have to do something different.  The impact of this decision to play means that I am behind now.  Ahead of the class, but behind the material we are supposed to be on.  Do I regret it?  Not for a minute.  

Get out there.  Test you limits.  Do things that you haven’t done before.  Break out of your mold and laugh.  Joy is a feeling not an act.

10:00pm Sitting on the bus home. What a long day.  Over and hour of bus delays.  My friend and I practiced algorithms in the air and tried to write them out with our imagination while we waited.  Our first algorithm test is tomorrow.  I feel confident but I just always need more time.  Twelve hours a day just isn’t enough.  It is good though.  What an experience.  It will be an experience that changes the way I look at life.  I can already tell.  Crazy to think that almost a week has passed.  13 to go.  Catch you tomorrow folks.  I need to go study so I can hopefully have a semblance of a weekend.



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