6:41am Boy does this feel like deja-vu already.  5:55 alarm.  Out the door by 6:05.  30 degrees, crazy ice today.   On the bus by 6:30.  Here are a couple morning thoughts for you.   A) I can already tell this is going to take extreme perseverance, but in a good way. It’s going to build character.  B) I tired to unplug last night but I just couldn’t.  I added 100 people to my LinkedIn network, created another GitHub repository, fussed around with some Atom plugins, and played with my blog. This means either I am obsessed and I am in the right field or that I am going to learn the importance of no screen time very shortly.  I’ll keep you all posted, of course.

6:37pm Still at the Dojo.  I am really liking the people and the atmosphere here.  I arrived here a little early today and just spent time cleaning the kitchen with some team members.  I know that sounds weird but it was really cool.  This place is basically our home and everyone is respectful of the space.  We even ended up getting to connect about how their cohort is doing.  They are about 30 days ahead of us and just started the Mean stack.  They were really nice and now I have some familiar faces upstairs!

Todays was all about CSS.  We cranked out two projects that seemed really simple at first glance.  First one was aligning different colored blocks and containers using display and float properties.  It is way harder then it seems.  Some of our class is still working on it.  The next project was just us looking at an image and then duplicating it with CSS and HTML.  Again, seems simple at first but I’m learning its all about the details.  Like, how do you have text in a UL one color but the bullet points a different color?  Little things like this will have you searching Stackoverflow and resourcing the crap out of your team mates.  I have been putting in some serious time and am proud to say that I am not ahead, per-say but definitely top of the class in work that has been done.  I want to continue working hard so that I can help people and do all of the optional material.  Example, right now I really zooming in on Git and GitHub.  I just dove into the advanced GitHub material and am learning all about branching, merging, and forking.  Things that i had not heard of days weeks ago are becoming second nature.

Our cohort is really opening up.  It is beautiful to see the different personalities start to emerge and flourish in the environment here.  I think we’ll head home soon.  I hope we’ll head home soon.  I’m getting tired.




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