6:46am – It is cold.  It is raining.  But, we just boarded the bus heading towards Bellevue.  My initial intent was to carpool with a friend to get up there but we decided on public transportation for two reasons.  A) It is cheaper, and B) It gives us time to sleep and code. Every minute is going to count during this time.  Class starts at 8:30.  Wow, am I excited.

7:00pm On the bus ride home.  The plan was to have coding time but the bus is too full.  At my old job I still a lot, I don’t mind 🙂 Regardless, here is a recap for those who are curious.

Today we mainly focused on a few things.  We started the day with about an hour of hand written algorithms.  This was quite challenging as I have been used to having a text editor that auto completes things for me.  It challenged me to really slow down and make sure I was getting all the details.  They were largely focused on for loops, iterating arrays, push, pop, and swapping methods. We then spent some time presenting our solutions to the group, fixing any mistakes made, and talking through best practices.

Ro, the career counselor stopped by to visit for about 30 min.  She had some great insight to share about how Coding Dojo will be supporting us getting into the working world.  She was extremely direct and I am confident she will be supplying us with some great tools.  Ooooooooh and mock interviews!  At one point she said something that was very sobering (not sure if that’s the right descriptive word) but she said:

“At the end of this course you will not be an aspiring developer, you will be a developer.”

From there we wasted no time and jumped straight into HTML and terminal modules.  We spent the majority of our time learning version control with Git.  Pretty awesome stuff.  The first time you see something appear on GitHub from a locally hosted repository you created through terminal on your Mac you will be certain that God has indeed created you to rule entire nations.   Ok, maybe that’s just me.

I’m almost home now.  All I want to do is code.  All I want to do is practice creating, moving, and deleting things in terminal.  Practice Git commands.  Set up and practice version control with Git.  But, I’m going to listen to my gut it and have a relaxing evening.  This is probably one of the easiest days that we’re going to have and it was still 13 hours doorstep to doorstep.

Catch you tomorrow, friends.  Stay positive.


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