Into the unknown.  Here I go.  It is 4 days until I start my journey at the Coding Dojo.  My last day at Apple was February 15th.  I have been with the company for almost 7 years. It felt almost surreal to walk out of the front doors knowing that I will never work for Apple Retail again.  My experience with company as a whole was positive I am just ready for what is next.  I feel energized.  I feel positive.  I am ready for what lies ahead.

     What am I excited for?  A new chapter in life.  An opportunity to challenge myself and a chance to build an entirely new reputation in a new profession.  I am looking forward to the relationships that are going to be forged in the next couple of months.  Friendships formed during struggles thrive.  Character will be built.  It is crazy to think that even just 4 days from now I will be meeting an entire new group of people that will have an incredible impact on my life.  Awesome.

    I will be doing my absolute best to post in this blog and let you know how my experience is.  If you are anything like me, risk is unusual and you might be reading this to know if you should jump.  Here is my advice as of now is your story is similar:

      Read a little bit.  Gather a few opinions from people that you trust.  But this is your life.  You are unique and though stories and perspective are great to gain, ultimately your own future is entirely in your control.  Unplug from Quora, Stack Overflow, and FreeCodeCamp blogs.  Stand on the edge and look out.  Is the horizon beautiful?  Does it captivate you?  Can you see yourself out there in the glorious unknown?  If so, take the jump.  You are capable.  Your heart and sheer will to succeed will suffice, I promise.



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