In the beginning… In the beginning of this time, I was full of pride.  I can remember saying out loud to my mother that one of the reasons that I wanted to succeed in my coding school was to prove to my father that he was wrong about my decision.  I remember talking to my […]

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I had a dream last night.  I do not always remember content from my dreams, but lately I have been trying to journal about them for a moment in the morning when I have the chance.  It is rumored that if you reflect on them for even just a minute or two when you first […]

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Time.  Sun drenched skin Crows-foot adorned Happy like a child Weathered from the race Disposition like canvas Calloused from the grain Eyes flashing of the sea Shoulders strong with honor Humble  Vigorous  Mindful Patient Loving without decoration A wanderer, found Captivated Box thrown to the flame.  

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Today is a very unique day for me.  It is unlike many other for you, I’m sure.  But there is depth to it for me.  I am two faced in my thoughts.  One half curious, hopeful, and energized.  One half tired, feeling like there is more to learn and that the journey is not over […]

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Obstacle.  A thing that blocks ones way or prevents, and hinders progress.  I have encountered many of these lately.  Sometimes physical, many times mental.  Depending upon their time of presentation, they can feel insurmountable.  Like I need to cross an ocean when I only have a dinghy. I had a revealing quiet time today that […]

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The title says it all.  I was talking with a friend a couple of days ago and I made a passing comment that to me seems to become more and more relevant as I wade through this season.  “Our time on earth here feel like the game of Life.”  More specifically I was refereeing to […]

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I find it more than coincidental that my last post was titled Storm.  Little did I know, oh, how little did I know in my wildest imagination what that was alluding to and what would transpire in the months to come. As most of you know, the purpose of this blog, and its original intent […]

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